Social Center for All! Leipzig

After the failed squatting of the Plato Str., which was prepared in public plenaries, we have received both solidary and destructive criticism from many sides. From the reflection of these, we have realized how difficult it is to actively involve people in the design process. We have not yet discovered how the different interests can be bundled together to support the process towards an SC4A. Nevertheless, we will continue to try to keep the initiative as open as possible, including the Plenaries. A focus of our strategy will be on networking with existing policical initiatives. The result of the reflection process, which was urgently necessary after a year of political work and organization, is found in the following, collectively formulated self-understanding.

The SC4A is to be a self-managed space, where people should be given the opportunity to step out of the sadness of isolation, to unite struggles and to fight together – be it against gentrification, deportation, Hartz IV, discrimination or the omnipresent performance pressure. All this should happen in a solidary atmosphere. We want a place where hope can be gathered in the struggle for a change in society and from which approaches to political change are borne externally.

We have also learned that in communities where a certain basic consensus of solidarity is lived, it is important to be unambiguous about certain political and social principles. As SC4A, we clearly reject misanthropic attitudes .
The exchange and the critical reflection of individual views is not excluded by this attitude. We are all raised with the nonsense surrounding us, and we should take that into consideration when we come together.
We want to deal with our own attitudes and possible prejudices in order to overcome stereotypes. However, it must be made clear that anti-Antisemitism, anti-gypsy-ism and similar attitudes as well as discrimination of all kinds, e.g. due to alleged origin, sex or sexual orientation, are strictly being refused.

We want to make decisions in consensus. It is an attempt to counter the capitalist elbow society with its performance pressure and competition with our practice of solidarity and direct democratic decision-making processes.

We think that the more people fill the social center with ideas, the more can be implemented in the end. Our ideas include political education, language courses, strengthening and setting up initiatives by creating working rooms, a large plenary space, a retreat room, discussion rounds, art projects, workshops, demonstration rooms and networking opportunities.

We do not want to depend on institutions and authorities, even if there may be situations in which it is inevitable to negotiate with their actors and actresses. That is why we count on your support, especially if in the coming weeks it is again about how an SC4A can be implemented in a building.

Social Center for All – Now!

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