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Social Center for All! Leipzig

In spring, we squatted a house in the Plato Straße, which was planned in public meetings.

To keep the house, we negotiated with the city, unfortunately this failed.

We have been criticized by many people for our choices and we have dealt with that criticism.

It is particularly difficult for us to implement the “for all”.

Nevertheless, we try to keep the group and the meetings open.

We also want to work more with other political groups.

Therefore, we have together written a text in which we explain the goals and ideas of SC4A.

The SC4A should be a self-managed space.

The people should have the opportunity to meet, to plan joint projects and to organize themselves, for example, against discrimination, deportations, Hartz IV or performance pressure.

All this should take place in an inclusive atmosphere.

We want a place where you can meet other motivated people to change society together.

For us it is important to treat one another with solidarity and respect.

We therefore clearly reject misanthropic behavior.

There is no space for anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsyism, and the like, as well as all forms of discrimination, for example, based on origin, gender or sexual orientation.

By society in which we grew up, we all have prejudices, this we want to fight together.

We want to make decisions by consensus – it is important for us to find solutions that everyone agrees to.

In our daily lives, there is enough competition, so we want to provide an alternative with SC4A. It is an attempt to meet as equals.

We think the more people fill in the Social Center with ideas, the more can be implemented at the end. We therefore hope for many people’s participation.

Our ideas are, for example, political education, language courses, rooms for initiatives and groups, a retreat, debates, art projects, workshops, rehearsal rooms and networking opportunities.

We want to be independent of institutions and authorities.

That’s why we need your support!

Especially when in the next few weeks it is again about getting a house for the SC4A.